when I begin to educate myself on some subjects and concepts and whatever I get really really overwhelmed because there’s so much depth and complexity to them and I want to know all about it NOW I want to be able to hold conversations with people about what I’m learning but I cant because I don’t know enough yet and I get really impatient and the whole thing just gives me anxiety why does everything give me anxiety

I don’t trust my mom because she made me coffee the other morning and didn’t tell me until that night that it was decaf

can’t believe I’m invited to cassettesarebetter's birthday party! it's a dream come true!!

also sad bc I feel like I don’t live up to anyone’s expectations or standards let alone my own

sad bc I don’t wanna be on all this medication anymore but I know I need to be

searched brooke candy on google images and got a picture of lauren conrad


uninteresting, plain, me

dumb everything is dumb

frick homework who’s with me!

much of my sadness has turned into anger now like I just get so pissed that life is how it is etc idk I’m not normally sad about it recently I just feel so incredibly ANGRY I need to go run and scream or something maybe go cliff jumping