don’t wanna be by myself but don’t wanna be with anyone else right now

friends r dumb

emo…. as in emotional…….. u wouldn’t get it
Anonymous: Shid I meant experiencing emotional death not physical accidentally left that out

okay yeah definitely that makes more sense

you’re gonna find a purpose for yourself eventually whether it’s for your animals or to experiment with art or just to become content with yourself or experience new places or to impact people that believe life has a big meaning that’s awesome that you’re not giving up!

I didn’t post a pic today are y’all proud ?? ! !

MADI isn’t the loser here, anon………….. She doesn’t have a cluster fuck of friends at school because she doesn’t enjoy being fake to people she doesn’t like and the majority of the people there suck gross butthole!
And I’m friends with her bc she’s cooler than you’ll ever be!!!

Anonymous: floof

tf y’all weird tonight……………………

Anonymous: maddi is a loser she has no friends at school she always is alone. how could u be friends with her

I hope your penis gets ripped off one day if you don’t have a penis I hope you grow one and it gets ripped off one day

Anonymous: Dying is not new, once you have experienced it over and over again life looses it's meaning to you because your only purpose in this world is your death. I'm still trying to find my other purpose don't worry:)

I’m utterly confused

I feel like all I do is try to control myself and my personality and the way I appear to everyone but I try to internalize it as much as possible because I’ve gotta be in control or at least appear to be I’m obsessive about my behavior and my actions and how little I’ll let people know about what’s going on in my head I spend so much of my life trying to be everything to everyone and trying to fit into what people want me to be I don’t know how I feel