someone bring me a lot of sour candy maybe some lindor truffles just put it in my mailbox and don’t ask me to say thank you okay message me for my address!

i look snobby in this pic (8
Anonymous: List five interesting things about the people you've loved

-not as hot as I am
-not as smart as I am
-not as hot as I am
-not as cool as I am
-not as perfect as I am

Anonymous: Happy to hear y'all are on good terms(: Do y'all speak often?

Thank you

I’m not sure how often “often” is.
It really differs !

Madi told me to calm myself and she knows I absolutely hate when people do that especially when I’m already quite calm /:


this is urgent where can I buy sour patch kids line ups

thanks for nothing assholes

Anonymous: that picture that you drew of jason, does it make you sad when you look at it?

if I think back to the circumstances in which the original picture I drew it from was taken then maybe I’ll feel a bit of nostalgia but no we’re on good terms and he’s always gonna be jmoney it’s all good

this is urgent where can I buy sour patch kids line ups

Anonymous: oh hush with all your nnonsense


people either
•bore me
•make me feel really lonely
•intimidate me