biff is sleeping next to me sometimes he starts twitching a lot and it looks like he’s having a bad dream so I put my hand on him and tell him it’s okay my fan is on low my feet arent falling asleep but they hurt maybe I’ll go wash my hands my room is messy and it gives me anxiety and I want to clean it but I never seem to have the motivation to do so I think that’s a metaphor for my mental state

don’t wanna be by myself but don’t wanna be with anyone else right now

friends r dumb

sent this to him

hahahaha some guy asked me for a picture of my bra on the ground ????search that shit on google

emo…. as in emotional…….. u wouldn’t get it
Anonymous: Shid I meant experiencing emotional death not physical accidentally left that out

okay yeah definitely that makes more sense

you’re gonna find a purpose for yourself eventually whether it’s for your animals or to experiment with art or just to become content with yourself or experience new places or to impact people that believe life has a big meaning that’s awesome that you’re not giving up!

I didn’t post a pic today are y’all proud ?? ! !

MADI isn’t the loser here, anon………….. She doesn’t have a cluster fuck of friends at school because she doesn’t enjoy being fake to people she doesn’t like and the majority of the people there suck gross butthole!
And I’m friends with her bc she’s cooler than you’ll ever be!!!